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Alex Hart Kaizen – Home for Better Fitness Martial Arts Training

Learn from the best Martial Arts instructors in the area who are dedicated to providing a stable, family environment where you can excel in your personal goals, find a varied and supportive community. Whether your plan is to compete, lose weight, meet new like-minded people, or increase your day-to-day life, we will help you get there faster than you ever thought possible while having fun doing it! The benefits of Martial Arts classes are endless. From confidence and self-esteem to discipline and empowerment, whether you're enjoying or Kids Martial Arts classes or our Adult programs, you'll start seeing improvement in mind, body, and spirit in only a few short classes. GET STARTED TODAY by clicking the button above!

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"My children love doing karate at Alex Hart’s. Very professional instructors."

Deniz A.

"My 10 year old daughter has now been attending Karate for 2.5yrs and she absolutely loves it. She has successfully reached brown belt and is now assisting in some classes. The staff/Sensei are all lovely and there is a great family spirit within the club. She is passionate and dedicated, so much so she dropped her other clubs just so she could increase her sessions within the academy. Now adding kickboxing to the list! She wanted me to write what a wonderful Academy it is and how many new friends she has made along the way. We cant recommend it enough!"

Vanessa B.

"My son has done karate and kickboxing and know doing thai kickboxing has got black belt in karate and black belt in kickboxing working on the next one he has been doing it for 8 years absolutely love it the instructors are fantastic and are ready to help you in anyway they can would recommend kaizen martial arts to anyone."

John O.

"My 3 children (12, 10 and 7) have been attending Karate classes here for nearly 4 years and are brown belts. They are all involved in the squad classes and take part in competitions. They love coming to classes and have grown in confidence since coming here. My eldest is also assisting the Sensai’s every week in their classes now too."

Corinne Z.

"My grandson has been going for nearly four years he is now a brown belt with two stripes.
And my granddaughter has been going for over a year,
They both just love it and they are awesome at it,
Just want to thank all the guys the instructors Luke and perry and all the other guys,
To sum up, a great place to let the kids do karate they will learn so much give it a try."

Anthony G.

"I would just like to say a massive thank you for everything you have done over the last 2 years for my son he has grown in confidence and really enjoys coming. We have always felt welcome and it's a very professional and organised club. My son also had a great time at nerf wars, I felt very comfortable leaving him there in your safe hands."

Jessica W.

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