Alex Hart KAIZEN is the think tank of Alexandra Hart, 5th Dan Black-Belt in Karate and Kickboxing, Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, Qualified Nutritionist and a Mummy to three children.

The story of Alex Hart KAIZEN started when Alex was nine years of age. Her parents chose karate as an extra-curricular hobby where Alex could learn the important life skill of ‘self-discipline’ and ‘self-defence’.

Six years later, at the tender age of fifteen, Alex rose to Black-Belt and was hand selected for the ‘England Karate Team’. In the same year, with the help of her parents, Alex opened her first Karate School ‘Alex Hart Kaizen Martial Arts Academy’.

By the age of nineteen, whilst competing internationally and traveling world-wide, Alex opened a further nine Martial Arts Academy’s and subsequently became a Qualified Personal Trainer, Qualified Nutritionist, Qualified Sports Therapist and an International Karate & Kickboxing Champion.

Following an injury at the ‘Karate World Cup’, Alex’s competing career drew to a close, and in 2010, Alex’s attention was drawn to the build of a purpose built 4000sq ft Martial Arts unit in Waltham Abbey, alongside a new husband and pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Wanting to provide exemplary teaching, Alex mentored a team of highly successful Black-Belt students to become Alex Hart Kaizen Martial Arts Instructors. The Waltham Abbey Academy stands to this day and teaches beginners to Olympic standard, seven days a week.

In 2011, Alex Hart Kaizen Martial Arts Academy launched into Felsted School, taught within the curriculum full-time, and also to the general public with a team of sixteen highly qualified instructors.

In 2019, the Academy rebranded to Alex Hart KAIZEN, and established KAIZEN Martial Arts into The Herts & Essex Sports Academy in Bishops Stortford. This purpose-built Sports Centre is an extension of Herts & Essex School and also open to the local community offering a varied array of fitness.

Wanting to extend Martial Arts to fitness, Alex Hart KAIZEN Gym & Fitness was introduced in 2020, including specialised gym training for teens age 14-15 ‘Teen Gym’, ‘Buggy Mums’, ‘Over 50’s Group Fitness’, ‘Disability Gym’ and ‘1-2-1 Personal Training’ sessions.

With the expanse of space at The Herts & Essex Sports Centre, Alex Hart KAIZEN also established Les Mills Fitness into the centre. The fitness team has 12 qualified instructors who teach Les Mills BODYBALANCE ™, BODYCOMBAT ™, BODYATTACK ™ and BODYPUMP ™.

Alex Hart had qualified as a nutritionist many years before, and with the launch of Gym & Fitness her attention was subsequently focused on Alex Hart KAIZEN NUTRITION.

The ethos is two simple programmes, focusing on healthy eating, fuelling your body and mind with food groups which not only boost mood, but also give energy and create muscle tone, without focusing on ‘what you can’t eat’ and more on ‘what you can eat’.

‘Breakfast Club’, run through Social Media #AHKBreakfastClub with lots of healthy breakfast bowls the whole family can enjoy.

‘4 Week Transformation Programme’, a clean eating programme which introduces diet and fitness over 4 , 6 or 12 weeks.

“One of the biggest hurdles of the modern world is how we see food, what emotions are attached to food. Many traditions like preparing foods as a family have been lost” explains Alex “our 4 Week Transformation Programme combines Breakfast Club with lunch and dinner. Teaches you how to shop and cook, with weekly shopping lists and step by step instructions for nutritional meals the whole family can enjoy. We combine this with a fitness regime, and plant-based nutrition to maximise the nutrients from the food you consume. The results recorded in overall well-being and muscle tone has been outstanding and, in some cases, reported as ‘life-changing’.”

As the media focused on the UK’s rising mental health issues, Alex’s consideration was drawn to the increasing problem of anxiety, stress and mental health in teenagers, young adolescents and adults alike.

KAIZEN Life Coaching had been introduced to Waltham Abbey three years prior, aimed at adults to combat stress, give guidance through challenging times and Life Coaching to create a work-life balance.

In 2020, the programme was refined, and in addition, tailored for younger students aged eleven years and beyond. ‘Life 360°’ supports teenagers through their senior school years. Anxiety, exam stress, depression, self-talk, self-belief, goal setting and creating positive choices in their life in all relationships which surround their lives.

The ‘Life 360°’ coaching programme is a hugely positive addition in young adults’ lives, creating a safe place to discuss life, untangling deep rooted ideals and behaviours, some of which may not serve them. Alex herself, exceptionally enrolled in the ideology of life coaching and how it furnishes understanding, structure, guidance and a moral value. With the solid belief ‘Life 360°’ pivots around the old Japanese word ‘KAIZEN’, which means to continued improvement.

As the pandemic of Covid 19, March 2020 hit, the world as we knew it dramatically changed and with the level of uncertainty, how the brand reacted to this pandemic was crucial.

Every sports establishment across the UK was forced to close, all shops closed, office workers were told to work from home, adults were furloughed, all schools closed, and families were told to stay at home and not travel for any other reason other than essential travel. For six months the world seemed to stop, people’s anxieties were amplified, many not knowing if they would have a job to return to, if their businesses would survive and scared of the unknown.

During this time, Alex and her team worked tirelessly to deliver an online Virtual Group ‘Virtual 360°’, to bring positivity, community and a stream-lined fitness curriculum which created much needed structure to a family’s days. From Mini-Minions-Mind to Dinky Dudes to Kick Boxing and Karate classes split into ages, and Les Mills Fitness classes for the family. The focus was on positivity, learning a new discipline, being physically fit in mind and body and creating some control.

The Virtual 360° Group was full of community. Love, understanding and many new customers, who had never visited an academy joined the Alex Hart KAIZEN movement from the comfort of their gardens and front rooms.

With the success of the Virtual 360°, and now diverse geographical range of its participants (many who were grading through the syllabus), in late August 2020, as all fitness academies were deemed safe to open, and Virtual 360° became a solid offering at Alex Hart KAIZEN.

With a new set of Government guidelines in terms of sanitisation, and social distancing the Academies reopened. Boot Camp was introduced to Alex Hart KAIZEN Gym & Fitness allowing members to train in open fields.

Alex Hart KAIZEN offers Martial Arts (Karate & Kickboxing), Gym & Fitness, Virtual 360°, Nutrition & Life 360° through all three Academies. Bishops Stortford, Waltham Abbey & Felsted.

The brand Alex Hart KAIZEN is strong, with happy, confident children and adults embarking on their own health and fitness journeys, and competitions being won far and wide. It has never been a better time to join Alex Hart KAIZEN.

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