Martial Arts Programs Available In Waltham Abbey

Kids Karate

Our Kids Karate students participate in traditional karate classes led by professional black belt instructors. Join us in Waltham Abbey, Felsted, and Bishop Stortford today for classes focused on a clearly defined curriculum arranged so each student can set goals, train to achieve them, and experience consistent progress.

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Adult Kickboxing

With our Martial Arts Kickboxing classes, you'll experience high-intensity aerobics and Kickboxing techniques to ensure you get the best workout of your life! Sign up in Waltham Abbey, Felsted, and Bishop Stortford today!

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Adult Karate

Our Adult Karate classes in Waltham Abbey, Felsted, and Bishop Stortford are designed to teach students to become successful leaders and martial artists. Check us out today to learn how committed we are to providing a safe, caring and educational environment.

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Kids And Teens Kickboxing

Our Kids And Teens Kickboxing classes are setting students all across our community up for success with a focus on hands-on instruction and action-packed training. We work with kids and teens of all experience levels.

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Private Lessons

Take your fitness journey to a more personal level with our Private Lessons. You don't have to conform to a group setting. Sign up today for the most individualized program in Waltham Abbey, Felsted, and Bishop Stortford.

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