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Beginner Nutrition Classes Enrolling In February

You have heard it said many times before ‘You Are What You Eat!’

Fuelling your body with the right nutrients is essential to feeling mentally focused and being able to perform your life 360° at your absolute optimum. At Alex Hart KAIZEN, we cannot stress enough, the investment we urge to you chose, in you.

Through fitness and food. With added nutrients which may be harder to get through the food groups whilst they are farmed in modern day life.

Food in modern day life is easy access. Sweets, chocolate & bread all too easily accessible. Added into this ‘ping factor’ food, where has it all gone wrong?

At Alex Hart KAIZEN NUTRITION, we won’t blind you with science, but if you require more information, we are happy to teach you. Alex Hart qualified as a nutritionist over 10 years ago and is passionate in providing a simple clean eating journey to fuel your body and mind.

Each programme introduces new food groups. Switching out foods which do not serve you and replacing them with more nutritional food types which will not spike sugar levels and help you burn excess fat through clean eating and fitness.

We have two programmes we have introduced to Alex Hart KAIZEN.


Breakfast Club is a beneficial way to introduce a new way of eating breakfast. It is all too easy to opt for cereal or toast which provides little nutritional value and may be loaded with sugar. Or to grab a bacon sandwich or pastry.


We have many recipe ideas in our Facebook group. Once you have registered for Breakfast Club we add you to a secret group where you and your family can ask any questions and share your own photo’s too. We also have photos and recipes on our Instagram wall, where you can follow, try them out and enjoy.

The children love to make their smoothy bowls packed with fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy fats (who would have known!) which sets them up for the day.

Our brains, big and small, need fuelling in the right way. All ‘Breakfast Bowls’ take less than 5 minutes to make or can be prepared the night before.

‘Breakfast Club’ is a 4-week programme. This allows your palette time to adjust to new food groups, your body and mind to feel the benefit and for your family to create a new muscle in creating a healthful daily habit and not grabbing the nearest box of cereal.

It never has been easier to start the day the right way!

If you would like to become a member of our AHKBreakfast Club please fill out this form and we will be honoured to join you to the VIP club!


Alex Hart KAIZEN offers a unique tailored Transformation Programme which combines training and clean whole foods with added supplements and nutrients. It is a perfect way to kick start your body.

The Transformation Programme is for people ready to fully commit to a fully personalised nutritional and exercise programme suitable to your specific goals. Alex Hart personally leads the programme and has been put together based on hard science and proven methods. We should also mention it’s also fun and accessible to everyone.

Whether you are looking to get leaner, build muscle tone, gain muscle or just to kick start a healthier lifestyle you will be held accountable every step of the way.

The Transformation Programme focuses on fitness and food. We allow you to press the pause button, to eat consciously and train consciously. At Alex Hart KAIZEN, ‘KAIZEN’ is an old Japanese word which means ‘continued improvement’. Over the course of 4, 6 or 12 weeks you will learn new recipes, how to shop and create a new regime which will serve your body and mind.

The 4 Week Transformation Programme is brimming with nutritional guidance, recipes, breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions. As well as cardio, strength and flexibility programme to suit your individual goals, taking into account your likes and dislikes.

The Transformation Programme starts on the 1st & 15th of each month, 12 months a year.


We understand the stresses of work and family commitments, but we ask you to train a minimum of 3 times a week. We have various fitness regimes which you can trial:

Gym & Bootcamp (Bishops Stortford specific)
Les Mills Fitness (Bishops Stortford & Virtual 360°)
Karate (All Academy’s & Virtual 360°)
Kickboxing (All Academy’s & Virtual 360°)
Personalised Gym Programme

The programme is designed to increase your stamina, to work every muscle group and invigorate your mind. Boredom of training is not something you will find in the 4 Week Transformation Programme.

In an addition, every member is given a FREE PT session with a structured and varied work out plan so you can achieve your goal. Due to the geographical location of Gym & Bootcamp, we also offer a FREE PT personalised programme which you can do at home. You can add this into your day. It may be beneficial for you to purchase in some free weights; we can discuss what you have in house at the consultation.

Virtual 360° is a timetable of classes which are assigned to a Top Personal Trainer in the field to guide you through the fitness programme and measure goals.


Clean recipes, made from fresh organic produce, line caught fish, grass fed beef or lean meats like turkey and chicken. Vegan and Vegetarian’s we have not forgotten you. We have weekly shopping lists for both carnivores & herbivores, where you can mix and match and try something new.

We will provide your nutritional supplements, weekly shopping list, weekly recipes. This programme does not focus on what you can’t eat and can’t do. We will provide exactly what you can eat and can do. We will focus on a shift in your eating routine, adding in supplements, and giving recommendations for whole food which allow for healthful living.


Yes! Breakfasts are fast and furious; we urge you to batch cook and freeze. We give you recommendations on healthful snacking and we know the whole family love the recipes as they are tried and tested!


Just remember this is a 4 Week Transformation Programme. Only 30 days focused on transforming your body and giving you mental clarity.



We help you to eliminate the most common allergens by limiting:

  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee
  • Vinegar
  • Soy


Eat every 4-6 hours with ideally no snacking in between. This programme is not about deprivation. We will help you build a healthy eating plan that will work for you. We also ask you not to eat after 7pm but will give ideas of what you can do after this time to fuel your body.


Eat in proper proportions.


You will start to introduce the food groups you have been eliminating slowly, you will have further guidance of this on the programme.

If you have undergone the 4 Week Transformation Programme, you will feel amazing. Your mind will be clear, focused and you will have renewed energy. You may wish to further the transformation on the 8 Week Transformation Programme or even the 3 Month Transformation Programme for optimum results. You can talk this through with your coach. We will tailor a package for you!


Assigned to a highly acclaimed Personal Trainer to guide you through the programme and measure your progress

Weekly check ins and goal setting

Personalised Exercise Programme

Individual Performance Tracker

E-Book with shopping list & weekly recipes including meat & vegan dishes

Unlimited Virtual 360° Access

Unlimited Les Mills Fitness

Unlimited Gym Access

FREE Personalise Training Session with Fitness Regime Tracker

Nutrition supplements

Please fill in the form to book BREAKFAST CLUB or the TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME. We are excited to have you on our transformation journey.

You are only one step away from knowing how good your body can feel!


‘You have given me my life back! Thank you so much, I never thought I would ever gain any form of fitness but with your encouragement and ‘you can do it’ attitude I am the fittest I have been since my 20’s. Thank you so much’ Mandy Isles 54, Waltham Abbey

‘After having a baby and piling on 3 stone, I needed to do something. The team at Alex Hart KAIZEN have been really supportive. I have lost untold inches all over, my pregnancy belly is nearly gone! I was so impressed you was able to tailor this around my baby and breast feeding and who would have known I would have loved Kickboxing!’ Helen Flank 27, Bishops Stortford.

‘I have always been too thin, having a terrible diet of pizza and chicken and feeling very tired. My friend asked me to do the transformation programme with him. I am not going to lie, some of the food I wasn’t eager to try. But I followed the programme and found recipes which worked for me. I even ate an avocado! I have increased my muscle tone; my legs and arms are finally looking buff and I do have more energy. Really happy with the KAIZEN team and everything they have done for me.’ Mark Bradford 19, Bishops Stortford.

Our Nutrition Programs Are Located In

  • Waltham Abbey
  • Felsted
  • Bishop Stortfords

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