You Are What You Eat

You have heard it said many times before, ‘You Are What You Eat!’ Fuelling your body with the right nutrients is essential to feeling mentally focused, physically balanced and being able to perform your life 360° at your absolute optimum. At Alex Hart KAIZEN, we cannot stress enough the investment we urge you to choose in taking healthier and better choices through fitness and food.

Added nutrients which may be harder to get through the food groups whilst they are farmed in modern-day life. Food in modern-day life is easy to access. Junk food such as fast food, sweets and chocolate are all too easily accessible. Added into this ‘ping factor’ food, where has it all gone wrong? 


AHK Breakfast Club is a beneficial way to introduce a new way of eating breakfast. ‘Breakfast Club’ is a 4-week programme which allows your palette time to adjust to new food groups, your body and mind to feel all the benefits. You and your family can create a new muscle with an adjusted healthful daily habit and not grabbing the nearest box of cereal. 

Our AHK Balanced Eating Programme is a unique programme that combines training and clean whole foods with added supplements and nutrients. It is a perfect way to kick start your body. The Balanced Eating Programme is for people ready to fully commit to a fully personalised nutritional and exercise programme suitable to your specific goals.

Alex Hart personally leads the programme and has been put together based on hard science and proven methods.